Community & Charity Organisations


This is a comprehensive list of Shia-led community and charity organisations based in the UK. If you would like your organisation to be included in this list, please contact us.


MSC (Muslim Student Council) -

The Muslim Student Council, founded in 2008, is the umbrella organisation that coordinates and represents 28 student AhlulBayt Islamic Societies at universities across Britain. AhlulBayt Islamic Societies are Shia Muslim student groups, and can be found at the Universities of Aston, Birkbeck, Birmingham, Bradford, Brunel, Cardiff, City, De Montfort, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Hertfordshire, Imperial, Kings, Kingston, Leeds, Leicester, Manchester, Middlesex, Northumbria, Plymouth, Portsmouth, QMUL, Roehampton, SOAS, Sheffield, Surrey, UCL and Westminster.



AIM (AhlulBayt Islamic Mission) -

An Islamic grassroots organisation whose objective is to empower Muslims through education, identity building and committed service to the community. AIM is an independent, non-profit entity founded in 2003 in the UK by a group of Muslim activists and thinkers. The AIM outlook is guided by the principles taught by the Holy Prophet (saw) and his AhlulBayt (as); and believes in the importance of the Islamic community (Ummah), Islamic leadership (Wilayah), upholding the Islamic way of life (Takleef Shari'), and proclaiming Islam (Dawah). AIM believes that for salvation to be attained, aspirations must centre on the preparation for the promised saviour, Imam Al-Mahdi (atf). Inspired by the Islamic teachings, AIM's activities focus on grassroot empowerment. This approach has enabled AIM to build strong, healthy and durable relationships with diverse communities.



IUS (Islamic Unity Society) -

With over 500 memebers across the UK, IUS are a youth group of volunteers mostly operating in London and Manchester for an audience of young people aged between 18-30, and have been a successfully registered charity since 1997. The IUS hopes to create security and community to promote social and cultural cohesion within a multi-cultural Britian based on Islamic principles through empowering young people. Events are frequently organised that offer a wide range of services all year round, hoping to bring together youth of all ethnic backgrounds to meet and learn from one another, also facilitating the future development of our communities.



SPL (Shia Professionals of London) -

SPL started in 2008 by a dynamic group of professionals based in London. They provide mentoring and networking opportunities across a number of fields including careers and good citizenship, by organising workshops that provide practical advice, skills and direction to current professionals, students and the general Shia Community. SPL aim to establish and develop relationships with both Muslim and non-Muslim organisations with similar goals similar, and to also inspire the future generations to achieve the best of their potential.



ARC (Ahlelbait Revert Community) -

Established in 2006 by a group of reverts to Islam for the advancement of the Islamic faith, spiritual healing and to promote social unity within our communities. ARC aim to fill the void in the community where there is a lack of support, programs  and facilities for new Muslims by providing an understanding of Islam with minimal cultural impact and paradoxically establishing their own cultural identity within the UK as British Revert Muslims.



Project Zainab -

Project Zainab is an organisation that recognises social issues which impact males & females and informs men and women of their Islamic role in society based on Islamic values and principles. Project Zainab is not affiliated with any groups, but works with all groups across the UK.



Noor Trust -

An umbrella charity organisation that was established in the UK in 2001. Its main subsidiaries include the Noor Orphans Fund, the Al-Huda and An-Noor Arabic schools and Noor Youth, but it has also supported many other religious and educational projects since its inception, such as camps, trips and educational programmes. Now based in North-West London, the Noor Trust has a dedicated team of both full-time and part-time members of staff who work hard to bring the Trust’s projects into being. The central ethos at the Noor Trust is to serve the community and to promote the beautiful and peaceful teachings of Islam in the best way possible, especially to our children and the youth.



Zamzam Counselling -

A Muslim counselling & cognitive behavioural therapy service for women based on the integration of Islamic values. Prolonged anxiety, depression or relationship challenges can be emotionally exhausting. If you are struggling to cope with persistent worry, sadness, anger or other distressing thoughts or feelings, you may find it helpful to work through your difficulties with someone you can trust and who shares your values. Zamzam Counselling is set up and run by a BACP registered Muslim therapist offering highly confidential counselling that feels safe, supportive and non-judgemental. Counselling sessions take place once a week for 50 minutes. You can also choose a short term (8-12 sessions) duration or continue for a longer term, but there is no minimum commitment and you can continue for as long as you feel is right for you.



WABIL (World AhlulBayt Islamic League) -

World Ahlul Bayt (as) Islamic League (WABIL) is a charitable organisation set up to spread the message of Islam through promoting the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his holy household) and his progeny the Ahlul Bayt. The organisation is directed  under the auspices of the world renowned scholar His Eminence Sayed Mohammad Al-Musawi, aiming to serve the Muslim world in general and followers of the Ahlul Bayt (as) in particular.



The World Federation of KSIMC -

The World Federation of Khoja Shia Ithna-Asheri Muslim Communities is a faith-based organisation, consisting of about 125,000 community members worldwide, mainly in Canada, East Africa, India, Middle East, Pakistan, the UK and USA. The role of The World Federation is to facilitate endeavours of its member organisations, through strategic planning and providing necessary resources for effective implementation. The organisation believes that all human beings are entitled to basic provisions, and therefore one of its key strategic objectives is to undertake humanitarian projects to achieve this. The long term aim of the World Federation is to bring about self sufficiency within the developing world, through providing access to water, healthcare and education for all. In addition the organisation’s core values include spreading the true message of Islam as a religion that emphasises on peace and upholding human values.



UKSMC (UK Shia Muslim Council) -

The UKSMC is an independent body that aims to unify, develop, enhance and serve the interests, and welfare of the Shia Muslim community.  Members of the UKSMC agree to recognise, aid and serve the Shia Muslims in order to integrate the community so that it is able to contribute not only to its own development but also to that of the society in general, by promoting the teachings and practises of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and the Ahlulbayt (as). The UKSMC represent the interests of Shias in the central (and local) government as well as other political establishments, media bodies, other Muslim organisations, NGO’s and other charitable organisations.  The UKSMC also formulates policies and strategies to respond to the above aims.



CoEJ (The Council of European Jamaats) -

In 2011, the Executive Council initiated the 'Striving for a Brighter Future' initiative with the aim of enabling CoEJ to develop with clarity and focus on goals and objectives, as well as direct the future activities of the body according to the needs of the members. Data and input was collected from Member Jamaats, Councillors & Grassroot members. The results ecompass the following CoEJ objectives and delivery principles: promoting unity and cohesion, connecting our communities, facilitating networking and sharing of best practices, building capacity to serve our communities, investing in development of our infrastructure and people, working with our Jamaats in delivering good governanace, advocating our faith, preserving our culture, and engaging with other communities and institutions.