This is a comprehensive list of Shia-led media networks based in the UK. If you would like your organisation to be included in this list, please contact us.


The Muslim Vibe -

A vast digital media network with the aim to promote ethical, positive, engaging, relevant and thought-provoking Islamic digital media content; which aims to be creative and harness the power of the internet to make an impact. The Muslim Vibe utilises a network of various digital and social media platforms, such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and just about everything else – linking to a central website.



Ahlulbayt TV -

The world's first free-to-air, exclusively English TV network dedicated to delivering the pristine message of the Holy Prophet Muhammad and His Holy Household. Ahlulbayt TV transcends all divides, serving Muslims as well as non-Muslims, the religious and the non-practicing, submissive and inquisitive, young, old and everyone in between. The university student, the seminary student, the professional globe-trotter, the young parent, the community leader, the online blogger, the curious Non-Muslim, the struggling entrepreneur, the new revert, Shia, Sunni, conservative, liberal, from LA to New York, Dearborn to Miami, Toronto to Vancouver, London to Glasgow, Karbala to Rome, Arab, Indian, white, black – all turn to and rely on Ahlulbayt.



Ahlebait TV Networks Ltd. -

A free-to-air TV network that provides alternative news reports from around the world, religious documentaries, lectures, current affairs and entertainment programming with an Islamic perspective. Ahlebait TV broadcasts live and recorded programmes in various international languages, such as Urdu, English, Hindi and Gujarati aiming to appeal to Muslims and non-Muslims alike and conveying Islam in its true perspective. It is also a channel that serves those who are merely curious or seeking education about the true teachings of The Holy Prophet and his AhlulBayt (as). 



Safeer TV -

Safeer TV aims to serve the community through producing innovative and contemporary media which sets to entertain, inform and educate all ages. With the headquarters situated in London, and offices in Iran and Iraq, Safeer TV serves religious and social needs to create a platform for unity and collective servitude within the Islamic and greater community.