Knowledge In Islam


The pursuit of knowledge in Islam is of high importance.


Prophet Muhammad (AS) said: "Knowledge is not (acquired) through extensive learning. Rather, it is the light that God sends in the heart of whomever He wishes to guide."

At each step of pursuing knowledge, you should meditate and think deeply as to what is your primary intention behind seeking knowledge. Ask yourself: Why am I acquiring knowledge? Is it to secure a better job position, to compete with a colleague or a group, to earn awards, a degree, or social status? If you are pursuing higher education, are you seeking it only for writing books and papers and making public speeches to be praised as a man or woman of knowledge? Or for the sake of the pleasure of God and to serve His creatures?

Prophet Muhammad (AS) said: "One who proceeds on a path in the pursuit of knowledge, God makes him proceed therewith on a path to the Garden (Paradise). And, verily, the angels spread their wings for the seekers of knowledge out of delight. Verily, every creature of the heaven and the earth asks forgiveness for the seeker of knowledge, even the fish in the sea. The merit of the learned over the devout is like the merit of the moon over the stars on a full‑moon night. The learned are the heirs of the prophets, for the prophets did not leave behind a legacy of wealth but that of knowledge. So, whoever partakes of it derives copious benefit."


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