This is a comprehensive list of Shia-led educational institutions based in the UK. If you would like your organisation to be included in this list, please contact us.


The Islamic College -

A college that is fast becoming an important academic centre for Islamic Studies. It offers fully validated degrees at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, and has, to date, published more than twenty major texts in the field of Islamic studies and now releases a quarterly academic journal. It is also a multi-faceted institution, offering certificate level courses in practical Islamic subjects, such as Qur'anic Arabic and Islamic Banking, and having launched a momentous new programme to train Muslim scholars for the West. The college allows students to understand Islam as a way of life, as well as a system of belief, bringing together education and spirituality, the classical and the modern, the academic and the practical.



Hawza Ilmiyya of England -

An Islamic seminary that welcomes all seekers of knowledge who wish to gain a deep and scholarly understanding of Islam in a way that meets the standards of the main long established Hawzas with their rich tradition of training scholars and developing Islamic sciences. The Hawza represents an essential medium to train scholars and researchers in the Islamic disciplines that have been handed down to us through the rich heritage of the traditional centres of the Hawza Ilmiyya in the Muslim world, particulary in Qum Al-Muqadasa.



Institute of Islamic Studies -

The goals of the IIS examine, facilitate and co-ordinate research in the fields of Islamic history, literature, arts, culture and civilization in close co-operation with the scholars who are actively engaged in quality researches in these fields. It intends to facilitate academic debates and discussions on issues that are thought to be highly important to Iran, Middle East, Northern Africa, other Muslim Countries and the Muslim communities living in Europe and North America. IIS also supports professional artistic performances (e.g. drama and music), collaboration with respected universities to run purely academic conferences on useful subjects., encouraging dialogue between various world civilizations and religions, and endeavoring to establish communicative links with the scholars of various social disciplines in Europe and America to correspond with academic centres and encourage fruitful and healthy debate between researchers and academicians of these centres and those living in Iran.



MSEN (Muslim Schools Educational Network) -

The MSEN is a newly formed alliance between many Muslims schools committed to raising the standard of madrassah education by working under the supervision of highly esteemed learned scholars from the Hawzah of England. The MSEN is a grassroot educational network for Shi'i madrassa in the UK with a common vision of working together with teachers, parents and students to promote excellence in Islamic education for today's generation and tomorrow's decision makers.



Stanmore Jaffery's -

A youth-driven body of KSIMC of London. From its roots as Ithna-Asheri Union to its currently day structure, SJ has been organising activities for many years focusing on personal, physical and spiritual development through its five divisions: Literary, Relief, Social, Spirit and Sports. The vision of SJ is to develop and inspire our community personally, physically and spiritually whilst promoting brotherhood and sisterhood. Stanmore Jaffery's aims to achieve their vision through maintaining exisitng projects and developing new ones that cater for the evolving needs of our community.



Al-Mahdi Institute -

The Al-Mahdi Institute was established in 1993 with the objective of contributing to Muslim religious scholarship and learning, with particular emphasis on the Twelver Imami (Ithna' ashari) tradition, through engagement with both historical and contemporary discourses. The Institute’s activities are marked by its non-dogmatic, open philosophy, coupled with an attention to scholarly rigour. This facilitates the pursuit of excellence across a range of perspectives that are not necessarily confined to the theological and religious heritage of any particular tradition. The Al-Mahdi Institute seeks to explore the relationship of religious ideas to all dimensions of contemporary thought and culture in a spirit whereby the human face of Islam, epitomised in the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad and his impeccable progeny, can inform the holistic development of all individuals and societies.